S.No.   Name of the Speaker
1. Prof Hiroshi Suzuki, JUE, Japan
Title of Talk: Engineering the future on internet of things
2. Prof. Abhay Karandikar, IIT Bombay
Title of Talk: Frugal 5G: Connecting the unconnected
3. Prof. N.S. Dinesh,  IISc Bangalore
Title of Talk: Engineering product design in multi-disciplinary areas with case studies
4. Mr. Rahul Tomar, Smart Cities Lab, Germany
Title of Talk: Industry 4.0
5. Mr. Vipul Vinzuda, NID Gandhinagar
Title of Talk: Transportation and Automobile Design
6. Mr. Shrikant Nivasarkar,  Nivasarkar Consultant Pune
Title of Talk: Language of Design
7. Prof. N. Ramesh Babu, IIT Madras
Title of Talk: Advance Manufacturing
8. Dr. P. Thanapandi, alfaTKG Co Ltd Japan
Title of Talk: Topic yet to finalize